As a creative studio and wholesaler, we collaborate with brands and shops to enrich their inventory with unique, artistically designed textiles and ceramics. Inspired by traditional Anatolian craftsmanship with a modern twist, our collections offer a distinct aesthetic that sets any store apart. Partnering with us gives you access to exclusive, sustainable pieces that appeal to customers who value originality and quality.

Sustainable Elegance: Organic Fabrics and Ancient Anatolian Techniques

What makes our products stand out are the unique natural fabrics and ancient techniques we use. When you look at our collections, you’ll notice that many of them are made from 100% pure fabrics like cotton, linen, and silk. Our coloring methods are inspired by Anatolian techniques such as loom weaving, root coloring, stone printing, and more.

Empowering Communities and Preserving Heritage

We source some of our production from villages in Anatolia, with a mission to provide job opportunities to women in these communities. Preserving traditional techniques and protecting cultural heritage are among our primary goals at AniStudio.

QUALITY CRAFTSMANSHIP: Tradition Meets Modern Designs

We blend authenticity with modernity. Our core values revolve around preserving and developing the traditional Turkish craftsmanship culture, while reflecting it through a modern perspective.

Explore our variety of collaboration models. Learn how we enhanced our partners' brands and inventory offerings through our design work. Discover the impact of our wholesale offerings.