We are a design studio and wholesale firm dedicated to blending authenticity with modernity. Our core values revolve around preserving and developing traditional Turkish craftsmanship culture while reflecting it through a contemporary lens. We source some of our production from villages in Anatolia, providing job opportunities to women in these communities. Preserving traditional techniques and protecting cultural heritage are among our primary goals.


What makes our products stand out are the unique natural fabrics and ancient techniques we use. When you look at our collections, you’ll notice that many of them are made from 100% pure fabrics like cotton, linen, and silk. Our coloring methods are inspired by Anatolian techniques such as loom weaving, root coloring, stone printing, and more.

100% pure organic fabrics

Drawing from the rich heritage and expertise of our Turkish roots, we are dedicated to maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction. By seamlessly blending tradition with contemporary practices, we ensure our pure organic fabrics and authentic Turkish textiles are presented to the market with utmost reliability and ethical standards. Our commitment is to provide you with home textile products that not only meet but exceed your expectations, delivering both quality and trust.


Loom weaving is a traditional artisan technique practiced in Buldan, Turkey.First looms were established as early as 800BC, and was later developed by the Romans. Buldan was renowned for its production of high quality textiles, made with loom weaving technique. During the period even the royal Sultans and Sultanas purchasing their garments made from the weavers of Buldan.


Root coloring is a traditional dyeing technique that uses natural plant-based dyes to achieve rich, vibrant colors in our textiles. This eco-friendly method not only enhances the beauty and authenticity of our fabrics but also ensures that they are free from harmful chemicals. Each piece colored using this method reflects the unique shades and tones of the natural world, making our textiles as sustainable as they are stunning.


A traditional print from Northern Kastamonu is one of the rare protected craftsmanships in Turkey. This special technique is a gift from the Phrygians and Hittites from 17th century. Still now, it is applied with
same traditional way.


The batik technique is a traditional art form that involves applying wax to fabric in intricate patterns before dyeing it. This process creates stunning, multi-layered designs as the wax resists the dye, allowing artisans to produce a rich tapestry of colors and motifs. Each piece created with the batik technique is a unique work of art, reflecting the meticulous craftsmanship and creative heritage of Turkish artisans. The result is a textile that combines beauty and tradition, bringing a touch of cultural elegance to any setting.


In 2016, the ceramic art of Kütahya, Turkey was registered in UNESCO's list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, while in 2017, the city was included in the UNESCO Network of Creative Cities. Today, Kütahya remains the largest ceramic production center in Turkey.

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