We, Anita and Melis, are childhood friends with Anatolian roots and a deep passion for art. Both born in Izmir, Turkiye, we started making arts and crafts and painting projects together from the age of seven. Every year, our summers were spent by the beach at the Aegean resort town; Çeşme, Turkiye.

As the years went by, Anita advanced in her fast fashion career but soon realized that her true fulfillment came from slow, sustainable craftsmanship and handmade creations. Meanwhile, although Melis was born in Izmir, she grew up immersed in a mix of languages and cultures. The more she traveled, the stronger her desire became to reconnect with her roots.

Driven by our shared passion for slow and sustainable craftsmanship and our desire to encourage people to embrace their identities, we decided to open AniStudio. We wanted to offer our art to the world and invite everyone into AniStudio's universe.

May we all grow to become tall trees, deeply rooted and reaching high into the sky.



I am a multidisciplinary designer specializing in authentic home textile objects. My educational journey began with studying fashion design at Parsons University, followed by nearly four years of experience in the fashion industry. Immersing myself in the fast-paced consumption culture led me to deeply value slow, sustainable craftsmanship. My fascination with the unique aesthetic values of various cultures, combined with a passion for creating using historical techniques, has inspired me to produce textiles that are both authentic and contemporary.



Through over a decade in the hi-tech industry, I've gained extensive experience in global commerce. I've held leadership roles in various arenas and industries, building and managing teams from scratch to expand their global reach. AniStudio is where my passion for growing businesses through research and storytelling meets my deep love for creative design, wearable art, and home decor, all influenced by the motifs, colors, and techniques of my authentic blend of heritage and culture.


Corporate and Production Locations

Our production is in local villages in the Aegean region while our corporate locations, partners and customers are spread across Europe and the United States.