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Bulk purchasing options

We offer a comprehensive wholesale service tailored to meet the needs of retailers and businesses seeking unique, high-quality products. Our wholesale offerings include a diverse range of meticulously designed items that reflect our commitment to sustainability and authentic craftsmanship. By partnering with us, clients can enrich their inventory with our exclusive designs, ensuring their customers experience the distinct touch of AniStudio's artistry.

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EXAMPLE WORK: Eco-conscious partnership with Oddbird BRAND IN LOS ANGELES

We partnered with Oddbird Company to merge Turkish heritage with modern design. Our shared commitment to sustainability and independent design sparked a creative synergy, allowing us to craft bespoke kilim patterns that honored ancient symbols and weaving techniques. Working closely with Oddbird's artisans, we created a collection of modern wall and floor tapestries that captivated audiences worldwide, earning the "Sustainable Achievement Award" at the Elle Decoration/International Design Awards 2023. This collaboration highlights our dedication to creativity and Turkish culture.

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EXAMPLE WORK: Bespoke designs for Sakip Sabanci Museum's Art Store Expansion

We partnered with the Sakıp Sabancı Museum to enhance its art store with a unique collection inspired by its exhibitions. We merged art and fashion to design accessories like 100% cotton scarves and canvas bags, featuring elements from the museum’s art. This collaboration resulted in a collection that captured the museum’s artistic legacy and garnered acclaim from visitors and the art community. Our work has redefined museum merchandise, offering visitors a tangible connection to cultural heritage through beautifully crafted products.



EXAMPLE WORK: Personalized textile prints for Arkas Museum's Art Store Launch

When Arkas Museum sought to enhance its visitor experience with innovative art shop offerings, they turned to Ani Studio, renowned for our unique textile prints. We collaborated closely with the museum, drawing inspiration from its exhibits to create a collection featuring scarves, bags, and caps, each infused with distinctive design elements that reflect the museum’s artistic legacy. Our meticulous approach resulted in the successful launch of Arkas Museum's inaugural gift shop collection, solidifying AniStudio’s position as a leader in art and design. This partnership allows visitors to take home a piece of the museum’s legacy, showcasing the transformative power of creativity in the museum experience.


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